Hi, I'm Belle. Thanks for stopping by!


I was born and bred in Sydney, Australia. The youngest of five kids (well eight kids actually, but that’s another story). I grew up as part of a close-knit family, who crack open bottles of bubbly at the drop of hat, and who'd often end a night of revelry dancing on tables and singing along to Abba.

In 2002, while I was studying Design at the University of Technology Sydney, I met Justin, the handsome Englishman who would become my husband in 2007. 

I had my own fashion label for a few years, then dabbled in the art world, all before Justin and I decided to join forces and work together - in the dating industry, of all things! Working together meant we could also travel together… and travel we did. 

We sold everything in our apartment and from 2006 until 2013 we worked online and travelled the world. Literally. We built and sold a company together. We started ventures that failed, and others that succeeded. If you can quite believe it, we even starred in our own reality TV series!

In 2014 we settled down in San Francisco, and in 2015 we had our beautiful baby girl Rose. But it didn’t take us long to pack our bags and hit the road again… which is where we are right now and, luckily for us, Rosie seems to have inherited our wanderlust. 

I've been looking forward to starting this blog for years. I have so many stories to tell and thoughts to share, and I want to hear yours too. This Life is Belle is a daily lifestyle blog that covers Art & Design, Travel, Food & Drinks, Motherhood, and Wellness, all inspired by our life of exploration. 

Thank you so much reading, please comment and stay in touch!